PHA Taxation

PH Accountants offer a full suite of personal and business tax services. We promise to provide a professional and confidential service to ensure you remain compliant with all of your tax requirements.

Personal taxes

While the vast majority of personal tax is taken care of under the PAYE system, many people have to file an annual income tax return (From 11) including those with rental income, the self-employed and contractors. Even those covered under the PAYE system can claim additional reliefs and credits not immediately available under the PAYE system.

Besides tax on regular income, individuals can also be liable to Capital Gains Tax, Capital Acquisitions Tax, withholding taxes, VAT and DIRT to name a few.

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Business taxes

Managing your commercial tax affairs can be a complex and time-consuming task. We are here to assist you to ensure you remain tax compliant by working with you to plan and prepare your tax returns to ensure they are filled accurately and on time.

We currently work with a wide range of businesses, through from start-ups and SMEs through to larger corporations operating in Ireland and abroad.

We always put our clients at the centre of all our work to ensure they have an efficient and compliant tax solution.

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