Income tax

The Income Tax self- assessment deadline is October 31st or November 12th if you pay and file online.

You have to file an Irish tax return if any of the following circumstances apply to you:

  • Self-employed persons (i.e. people carrying on their own business including farming, professions or vocations)
  • Persons receiving income from sources where some or all of the tax cannot be collected under the PAYE system, for example:
    • profits from rents,
    • investment income,
    • foreign income and foreign pensions,
    • maintenance payments made to separated persons or where civil partnerships are dissolved,
    • fees and other income not subject to the PAYE system,
    • profit arising on exercising various Share Options/Share Incentives.
  • You are a proprietary  director of a company (own more than 15% of share capital)

Your income tax return is due on October 31st (or November 12th if filed and paid online) and must include the following:

  • Pay your Preliminary Tax for the current year,
  • File your tax return and self-assessment for the previous tax year, and,
  • Pay any balance of tax due for the previous year.

Late filing will result in a surcharge and interest charges so it is an important date for your diary.

You can check out our recent article on reducing your income tax liability here or for more information get in touch with us using the form and details below.

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