Operating a business in the childcare sector is about more than trying to turn a profit, for most the primary goal is the care and development of the young (and not so young) people who come through their doors.

Added to the normal challenges of operating a business, the facility owner has to understand the complexities and challenges of external reporting and compliance as well a delivering a quality early years learning framework.

PHAccountants and our PHAChildcare brand offer a specialist childcare service to help ensure your facility is operating in the most efficient way possible and most importantly freeing up your resources to deal with the most important people in the childcare setting.

Our objective is to help you to balance the sometimes incompatible goals of  maximising profitability and delivering first class, affordable childcare by assisting you to:

  • producing yearly financial accounts and annual returns for CRO filing and corporation tax returns for Revenue
  • compile monthly, quarterly and bi-annual management accounts to aid ongoing decision making in the business
  • providing a full start to finish payroll service including regular payroll runs, employee start and finish reporting and full Revenue Commission reporting
  • analyse your income and expenditure, including benchmarking against industry ratios, averages and the top industry performers
  • review and enhance your operations to improve returns
  • establish budgeting systems and internal reporting
  • budgeting for capital expenditure
  • assisting you to effectively manage your cashflow
  • providing external reporting, including liaising with funders and other external compliance

Our prices are tailored to your service size and service requirements and start from as little as €100 + VAT per month.

To talk to us about your requirements and how PHAccountants can assist you going forward contact Paul using the contact details below.


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